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Tarcana is an ancient city that has started as a trading outpost at the mouth of the Deipatris river, that became a military outpost and eventually a trading center for the world until it threatened the dominance of the Capital of the Empire, Civitas. Tarcana is a city that has been built and destroyed several times in its history, each time rising grander than the last time, and pushing the past deeper into the marshy soft ground that the city has been built upon. The only place that the ground is solid and firm is the land closest to the mountains, where the wealthiest and where the military garrison can be found.

The marshy lagoons form a delta where a thousand little islands lay amongst all the little fingers of the Deipatris river former small neighborhoods and districts groups by the high walls and stone embankments. The closer to the actual harbor, the broader and deeper the fingers get, until you reach the deep dark blue of the harbor.

The harbor itself is guarded by the Great Mother island to the north that stretches most of the length of Tarcana; while the Little Sisters form a motley of storm breaks allowing only the lightest of ships to slide between them, the largest ships must pass between the natural break between the Little Sisters and the Great Mother and enter into the Black Bay Harbor.
The mountains stretch along the southern border of Tarcana and curve forming the natural eastern boundary of the city reaching the sea. The western plains before the mountain are the crop land that support Tarcana.

Tarcana itself is built within five walls, each wall demarking a time of its expansion. The first wall is the wall that lines the Garrison that leads to the Seven Gates. The second wall was built by the settlers that came afterwards on dry ground. The third, fourth, and fifth walls all stretch to the west in larger and larger bands as the city needs more land.

The first of the Seven Gates was built when the first army garrison was placed here to prevent the southern tribes and nations from coming forth through the gap and destroying the Empire’s economic interests. Each gate comes with the history of an invasion, either defeated or not, and an increased awareness in Civitas of the need to insure the trade of iron, gold, silver, diamonds, gems, and salt from the southern nations and traders; as well as providing a port of call of the caravans from the West, to sail across the sea and reach the main land of the Empire, which despite being a shadow of its former glory is still a giant that is quite hungry for new goods.

This conflux of western spices and other trade goods, ores and salt from the south make Tarcana the Little Capital, while the rules of law may be made in Civitas, the rules of trade and commerce are made in Tarcana, something that rankles at the greater Families in Civitas, but even they must admit that Tarcana’s role as the predominant trading center in the known world keeps the decaying heart of the Empire pumping.

So please enter Tarcana, the city of rivers, the city that has literally buried its violent history and built on the bones of its history, enter Tarcana, the city where you can find someone from every nation, and they all need something.

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